This is CLOCC - the Common Lisp Open Code Collection

It contains Lisp code for various applications which is:
Common Lisp
i.e. runs in ANSI Common Lisp implementations
Free Software
according to the Debian Free Software Guidelines (e.g. licensed under GPL, LGPL, MIT or BSD licenses, or public domain)
i.e. should be portable among CL implementations with low effort, and does not require modifications to the CL implementation itself
i.e., does not require packages not in this repository
Ready to use
i.e., runs out of the box in the Free CL implementations.

Project Home

Getting CLOCC

Free Common Lisp Software

Free Common Lisp Implementations

Useful References

  • Common Lisp HyperSpec - the HTML version of the ANSI standard X3.226-1994
    "Information Technology - Programming Language - Common Lisp"
  • ALU - The Association of Lisp Users
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